They trust BBa :

bespoke open building (bob) (by Pascal Gontier). co-design method for a new model of collective housing
BOB is a concept and a co-design method consisting of scalable and fully customized housing. The home’s personalization by acquirers goes beyond interior spaces as it also applies to the facades and exterior extensions.

etikimo. foncièrement éthique
An independent company that provides simple solutions to make the most of your real property and accompanies vendor until the signing of the deed of sale. A first alternative to real estate developers.

NU! new office catering solution
NU! is a 24/7 connected canteen solution for companies: an intelligent fridge allowing employees to eat at the office in a simple way (automatic payment, meal vouchers) and at any time, while having a positive impact on the planet by promoting zero waste.

edzo. knowledge management and artificial intelligence
Edzo offers a scalable conversational solution that assists sales, customer service or support team to make a difference in serving a customer or a brand. A true virtual coach powered by its own AI.